History of Inselcamp Unterach

A small historical overview of the development of our campsite:

2017: 65 years of Inselcamp – a story about generations!

It started in 1952 – Marianne and Josef Henkel had come up with an idea: a holiday with the tent on the already idyllic property on Lake Attersee. And so the 1st milestone for “Inselcamp” was laid. Part of the sawmill, carpentry and turning area has now become a campsite. It started with the simplest equipment, but a lot of atmosphere and cosiness and a beautiful location in the heart of the Salzkammergut. For the 1st start of the season, a small tent was set up in the middle of the square to draw the attention of passing guests – here is a campsite! Even the simplest marketing methods did their thing!

In 1978, the daughter, Mrs. Luise Meindl, took over the parental business. It began a period of upheaval in which much was changed and built since the “lockende” tent was in the center of the campsite: spread to the 2nd side beyond the Seeache towards the bathing meadow, power supply all over the place, 2 modern sanitary buildings and the business center of the square with reception, kiosk and meeting point for all guests were built.

Until 1984, a stream under the gate of the entrance (next to the private house) led through to the so-called “canal”, which still flows into the lake today. What arose was a small island, from which the name “Inselcamp” developed. Due to the construction of the river and the dismantling of the fortifications in the Seeache next to the private house in 1984, this small inflow was filled in and the property remained a “peninsula” – to this day.

In 1994, Ms. Meindl retired well-deserved, while still sacrificing the much-admired flower decorations around the house and in the garden. The 3rd generation was already ready to continue the business in the spirit of the grandparents and the mother. Again, the daughter, Mrs. Marie-Luise Sperr, took over the fate of the campsite. Not only during the guided tour of the campsite, but also with our guests, we always find the 3rd generation who spend their holidays at the Inselcamp!

A glimpse into the future shows us that there is also a 4th generation, once again the daughter Marie-Christin Sperr. During her school days she worked during the summer holidays and thus already sniffed “camping air”. Since graduating, she has been following her profession and taking care of all marketing campaigns in the background. With new innovative ideas and her love of home, she too will at some point show that the story of Inselcamp is not yet over.