Camping regulations Inselcamp Unterach

I am pleased to welcome you to my campsite. My staff and I make every effort to make your stay as pleasant as possible. In your interest and that of all the guests present, I would ask you to observe the following campsite rules:

On arrival, please register at the reception with a personal document.

Drive slowly within the square i.e. 10 km/h and as far as possible without creating dust and noise. In particular, the unnecessary drive over lawn must be avoided. Plastic materials (air impermeable) of all kinds are not allowed to spare the lawn.

Waste of all kinds belongs exclusively to the waste containers provided for this purpose. Bulk waste must be disposed by the guest himself at the Unterach waste collection centre. It is also requested to avoid unnecessary water consumption (drinking water).

Campfires (open fire, torches) are not allowed for safety reasons, grill only with a suitable garden grill (only with grilled charcoal, the lawn must not be burned or with gas).

Cleanliness and order in the washing and toilet systems is a matter of course for all users. Washing machine and tumble dryer are available in the camping house, as well as shower coins at the reception.

The place rest begins at 22:00 and lasts until 7:30 in the morning. During this time, no vehicles are allowed to enter the campsite, this also applies during the midday rest from 12:00 to 14:00. Arrival is until 20:00 and in September until 19:00.

Televisions, radios, etc. must be set to tent volume. In the interest of all guests, it is politely requested to avoid any noisy entertainment during the night’s rest. Moped riding, as well as playing football on the pitch, is perceived as a nuisance by most guests and is therefore not allowed.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept minors without parental support.

Anyone who violates the provisions of the place regulations must expect an immediate reference to the place.

Your four-legged friends are also welcome! However, out of consideration for the other guests, I ask you to always keep your dog on a short leash at the campsite and to keep “Gassi” often enough. Contamination of any kind must be avoided without exception! Bringing your dog to the bathing meadow is forbidden, swimming and splashing in the river.

The placeholder does not accept any liability for damaged or lost property.

Of course, you can receive a visit, but the reception must be registered immediately and paid a day fee (which is entitled to stay until 9.30 pm) or accommodation fee.

The pitch must be satisclosed and vacated by 11 a.m. on the day of departure at the latest.

You will be asked to leave the place as you wish to find in yourself on your arrival.

We ask for your understanding and wish you a pleasant stay!

Your island camping team

Place of jurisdiction: Vöcklabruck District Court