Dogs at the Inselcamp Unterach

Where to take your four-legged darling during the holiday season? – BRING HIM WITH YOU!
However, since not all guests are dog lovers, we must strictly ensure that the following rules are observed to ensure a smooth coexistence:

  • Leash obligation at the entire camping site, as well as on the pitch.
  • For dangerous dogs, we also ask you to use a muzzle at the campsite. Only you know your dog and whether further action is needed.
    Only you know your dog and whether further action is required.
  • Absolute dog ban on the bathing meadow and in the play area of our little guests (swing and sandbox).
  • With us, the dogs can swim and splash in the Mondsee-Ache, which flows directly through the campsite.
  • Your quadruped must of course be carried out often and soon enough, so that there can be no contamination on the campsite.
    Many walking and hiking trails in the immediate vicinity are available.
  • Of course, as a dutiful dog owner, you should also make sure that no dog faeces is left outside the campsite where it becomes a nuisance to others.
  • The dog is not allowed to enter the sanitary buildings for hygienic reasons.

Should one of these rules be flouted, an immediate reference to the place is to be expected out of consideration for the other guests!

Thank you for your understanding!

  • Rabies vaccination at least 30 days ago and max. 12 months ago
  • International Vaccination Pass for Dogs
  • Leash and muzzle must be carried
  • Largely linseed compulsion, often also a muzzle is necessary
  • Dogs are banned on most beaches (bathing meadows)