Hiking around the island camp

Hiking in pure air is an opportunity to actively relax and forget the stress of everyday life. Enjoy the view of majestic mountains, crystal clear lakes and untouched nature.
In our immediate vicinity you will find:

Klimt at the Attersee” theme trail:

Numerous information boards inform you about the stays of the Viennese Jugendstil painter Gustav Klimt in the Attersee region.

2-Lakes Theme Trail Viktor Kaplan:

The life and work of Austrian inventor Viktor Kaplan are the focus of this hiking trail, which takes you from Unterach to Mondsee and back again.

Time Travel Path:

leads you through the center of Unterach

Family hikes:

Past the Druckerhof to the Egelsee; to the sweet chestnut forest (one of the few in Austria) with forest nature trail

Fairy Tale Trail:

Meet you and your children on a walk through the forest Little Red Riding Hood, the 7 dwarfs, Mrs. Holle and many more from Grimm’s fairy tale book.

Mountain hikes:

Via the Eisenau-Alm up to the Schafberg, which can also be reached from St. Wolfgang with the Schafbergbahn.

More information and hiking maps are available at the reception!